a floral rites workshop with liz migliorelli & devin antheus

Saturday, November 11 in Kingston, NY from 2-6 pm

An altar is a doorway, a sanctuary, a feast. A passage to the numinous, we leave offerings here for spirits to join us at this threshold space. Flowers are some of the most ancient of altar offerings; each flower contains an energetic pattern that resonates throughout time. In this intensive, we gather around the altar to explore the floral realm as a place for magic making, spirit-communion and personal offering.

In tune with the season, Liz will share about flower essences for summoning the dead, essences for inviting the Gods, essences for opening to the flowers and essences for adorning your altars. We will dose with a few select essences to set our intentions before working directly with the flowers, taking some time to discuss our experiences and findings. Participants will create their own essence blends to be used on their own altars and as a part of their daily rituals when they get home.

Devin will guide the class through the ritual and mythic importance of floral offerings, the selection of flowers for their esoteric qualities, and share his method of intuitive arranging. Students will get a hands-on opportunity to create their own arrangements as offerings to their personal spirits & holy powers to bring home to their altar spaces.


This intensive will be held in ritual space so registration is limited to 10 participants.

The class cost is $200 plus a $75 materials fee.
Herbal drinks and snacks will be provided.

You can register for the class here! 

About the instructors: 

Devin and Liz are devotees of the goddess Flora. Their lives and work revolve around the floral realm.

Though Devin’s floral designs have appeared on, the Style section of The New York Times, HBO’s The Gilded Age, and the book Legends of Drag, his favorite arrangements are always for his home altars. You can read more about his work here

Liz is a clinical herbalist who has been teaching classes on mythopoetic herbalism and folk magic for over ten years. She grows many beloved flowers at her home garden, but don’t ask her which one is her favorite. You can read more about her work here