Becoming Kin ~ Ancestral Belonging Circle ~ Winter 2024-2025

In the summer of 2012 I had a dream that I was on a tiny paddle boat with a older woman in the middle of the ocean. Between us, there was a giant bag of dried herbs. The wind picked up, the waves were getting bigger and water splashed into the boat, dampening some of the herbs, which released a sweet scent. As soon as I smelled the perfume of the plants, the woman looked at me in my eyes and introduced herself: “My name is Theodosia. If you do not learn about your people, you will die.”

I had no idea who this woman was when I woke up. But this instruction held a sense of urgency, of necessity. About a week later, I learned that Theodosia was the name of my great-grandmother that I never met, even though I had never heard her name before. Everyone in my family called her by her nickname Nellie when I was growing up. But the dream remembered! 

Since having that dream, I have been in lengthy, rambilng, imaginative conversation with my ancestors: learning their stories, their plants, their folk practices, all which have become a part of me. For over seven years I taught a program called The Folk Medicine and Magic of Old Europe, where we covered a lot of ancestral remembrance work -- and I am happy to offer this work as Becoming Kin, a smaller learning circle. I first offered Becoming Kin online in 2022 to two groups of 8 -- and then developed a part two for those who wanted to continue on. I have combined and lengthened parts 1 & 2 to a comprehensive program that will take place over the winter months -- I can’t wait to dive in with you! 

My prayer is that this work continues to root and offer belonging in all realms.  

What it is:
A small circle of folks who are exploring who their ancestors of blood, ancestors of inspiration & ancestors of spirit are. These circles of Becoming are dedicated to cultivating relationships with our ancestors and remembering their medicines in many forms. This circle will be closed to a small group of eight to ten people who are committed to deepening this work together.

I am speaking from my experience with my Slavic, Anglo-Saxon, Gaul and Southern Mediterranean ancestors. It is also important to note that a lot of this work is rooted in European folk magic traditions. With the rise of authoritarian/ nationalist/ fascist movements co-opting some symbols and traditions of European folk magic & culture, it is important to state that this work is offered from an anti-fascist and queer lens, which we will discuss further in class. This work is dedicated to the legacy of the commons: May the commons only continue to grow. You are invited to join this circle whether you know a lot or know nothing about your ancestors. This circle is about enhancing the relationship. We will start with beginning practices to root this work together. This container is about actively unlearning transphobia, ableism, racism, classism, homophobia and sexism. We will be diving into how Whiteness became the ancestral legacy for people of European descent. Please let me know if you have any questions to figure out if this work is right for you at this time!

Class Schedule:
We meet on select Wednesdays from 5-7 pm EST

October 30 
November 6 
November 20
December 4
December 18
January 1
January 15
January 29
February 12
February 16

March 12
March 26
April 9
April 30 - Final Presentations (a 3 hour class from 4-7 pm EST)

The waters of this work include:
navigating remembrance work, what it means to be connected to ancestors & why it is important, Indigenous Science as taught to me by my teacher, Atava Garcia Swiecicki, grief and pain, deep genealogy, ethnoautobiography, dreaming with ancestors, storytelling, folktales as ancestral maps, the ancestral imagination, pilgrimage, unwell ancestors, working with plants, prayer, folk craft, the cult of the Saints, working with the Gods, devotional practice, remembering ceremonies & creating rituals, offerings and more. Our final classes will be presentations on our ancestral remembrance processes.

I want to acknowledge that all of the ancestral remembrance work is non-linear. You have already begun. The remembrance process will continue long after our time together has wrapped up. This is a stream that we step into, a never-ending well, a cauldron that continues to simmer. The class is called Becoming Kin because it is something that becomes a part of us; a part of our hearing and listening, a part of our speech, a part of our breathing, a part of our dreaming.

If you are not able to attend the live sessions, this is not the right fit for you at this time. I want to hold space for those who are able to actively participate at this time. In considering your availability, please note that the homework for this class is both active research and experience. You will need to get your nose in the books and put our practices into actual practice! There will be a few hours of homework every week which will include reading, journaling, art making, conversation and research.

Class Office Hours:
Select Thursdays from Noon - 1 pm EST

November 28
December 12
January 30
February 13
March 27

Office Hours:
30 minutes of co-working time where we are working on our research and then 30 minutes for questions and discussion. The office hours are not mandatory for attendance.

Class Cost:
The total class cost is $1,500.

This includes a small parcel of four essences, a tincture and a tea blend from Liz in the mail to support this work.

Also included: a 1-on-1 30 minute session with Liz, where she will craft an essence formula for you based on your ancestral remembrance intentions. There will also be a class Discord space for us to connect, ask questions and share our findings outside of class time. 

A $400 deposit is required to hold your spot. You will be asked to pay this deposit when you are accepted into the program. 

Payment plan is available in four monthly payments of $275 in September, November, January and March. You will have to sign a payment plan agreement if you are requesting a payment plan. 

Applications are now OPEN! You can apply for the class here.

This program has space for up to 10 participants and will accept applicants on a rolling basis.


“I was really struck (and impressed) by the level of intimacy I witnessed in others and felt in my own experience of discovery across this class. The framework was specific enough to offer structure and something to hold onto while being presented with a flexibility and spaciousness that I appreciated--it made room for whatever it was that needed to presence itself. I took so much from the class that is gifting me everyday--it's shifted the way I think about and relate to the plants and spirits of place around me; the anti-colonialist framework has helped me depersonalize some of the oppressive forces I encounter in my family of origin; it's loosened up how I relate to dreams and helped me see how much more I can grow and learn in this area, which is both humbling and exciting. I feel so deeply loved and wonderfully held by my ancestors now--blood ancestors, ancestors of spirit and place, ancestors of tradition, ancestors of inspiration, and especially ancient animal ancestors! The distance and disconnection that I experienced from my people before is no longer present. I feel their guiding hand in so much of my life now. I am so so grateful.” ~ M, 2024 cohort


“I am so grateful for this class. This work has supported my embodied learning of ancestral connection - the stories, prayers, rituals, foods, and practices of places and people I am connected to. It offered a supportive community to ask questions and seek answers, and to learn from each other. It's shifted the way I think about kinship, belonging, and tending to land. Liz is such a wise, knowledgeable, and thoughtful teacher; I can't say enough about how much I learned from her and her embodied way of moving with this work. I really appreciated how accessible she makes this work feel. It's truly been such a gift to be a part of this circle! I am so grateful to Liz for holding us through it.” ~ B, 2024 cohort


“Liz understands that spirituality is not an inward-facing journey, but instead a great communion with both mythos and living allies (human and more-than-human.) Spending time in her classes has encouraged me to deepen my participation in community while being strengthened and inspired by the plants and ancestors. If you are in need of a reminder of the sweetness of life (and death) or of the deep well of knowledge that is the gift of those who came before, I highly recommend taking any or all of Sister Spinster’s classes.” ~ D, 2023 cohort 

“Becoming Kin was a beautiful container for expanding my relationship with and practices around ancestry. Each shared lesson and homework from Liz opened up new threads I know I will be exploring for a lifetime. It was so special to learn from each of the members of the cohort through their reflections, stories, and practices; each of us bringing a different perspective and ways of connecting with ancestry to the group. Since participating in Becoming Kin, my relationship with ancestry and my ancestors feels so much more alive and present in my day to day. I can't recommend this work with Liz enough if you are yearning for inspiration and deepened ancestral practice!” ~ K, 2023 cohort


“Becoming Kin opened my eyes & heart to the people and spirits and saints and gods and creatures who are available to me, inside of me at all times. I learned how to do sweet things for them, talk to them, seek their counsel, and have little secrets between us. I now feel more able to trust my instincts when it comes to how to make an offering, hold a ceremony, connect with a spirit... and trust that those instincts are guided by real forces above & below & within me. I feel their presence much more vividly and am able to trust and play with those feelings. I don't feel the same sense of anxiety and seriousness around "doing things right" and feel much more engaged in relationship that is fluctuating, casual, loving, and complicated. I feel much less alone and eager to explore how certain feelings, dreams, habits, etc. are giving me ancestral messages.”  ~ P, 2023 cohort


“What makes this class so rich is that Liz teaches from her own direct experience and practices. The work is an embodied, devotional practice for her and that is what she offers in this class. You will be supported through work with histories, folk stories, embodiment, plant allies, and dreams to discover and build belonging with your ancestors.” ~ L, 2024 cohort