When we make essences we work with the invisible; inviting the community of Earth to pattern itself into the bowl at our feet. There is a deep listening, giving attention to meadow, flower, road, grass, stoop, stone, tree, bird, building, river and the way life sings through all of these beings. This class has formed from a desire to co-conspire with wherever we find ourselves right now, the story that is ever-becoming and the emergence of Spring blossoming.

From your own home, we will center our creative practice on essence making as a way to engage with the deep medicine of place.  This class will encourage you to spend quality time where you are  and use practices such as writing, personal ceremony, movement and play to enter into collaborative cahoots with flowers, plants and other magic that is right outside our door.

There will be instruction on how to make flower, gem, animal and environmental essences, but the remedies you craft during this time together will be informed by your conversation with that which speaks your secret names from beyond.

WEEK ONE: All Stories Carry Vibration, Listening With The Whole Body, Courting The Land

WEEK TWO: The Act Of Offering, Preparation, Story-Crafting in The Glass Bowl (Essence Making)

WEEK THREE: Becoming Water, How The Tides Of The Body Shift, Crafting A Lineage, Dosing

WEEK FOUR: Stone, Animal, Cosmic Essences, How To Time Travel

WEEK FIVE: Flower Ceremonies, Essence Applications, Mystery Flower Circle

This class is for you if you

want to learn about essences: what they are, how to make them, how to use them

are thinking about placed-based magic

want to use dreams to inform your medicine making

want to embody qualities of the elements

want to write flower poems

want to let story present itself to you

know how to make essences but are curious for more

want to create flower rituals

want to look long enough to hear

Each student will receive a mystery flower essence
in the mail that they will work with during the

If you are taking this class outside
of the U.S., additional shipping applies and you will be contacted directly about an extra shipping fee.


If you are unable to come to the live session, you may tune in at your own pace, in your own time.

Students will have access to the recorded material & class hub through December 1, 2024.


We meet Mondays from 3-4:30 pm EST

March 4
March 11
March 18
March 25
April 1



If you are taking this class outside
of the U.S., additional shipping applies and you will be contacted directly about an extra shipping fee for your mystery essence.

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