Flowering Round is an eight-month council on flower essences, practitioner skills and entering the realm of Flora.

We gather around the bowl of flowers and sip from the Mother:

Welcome Flora, Welcome Flowers, Welcome Friends

This offering picks up from the end of the Turning Toward The Flower course and carries forward the seeds of place-based medicine making, building relationships with plants and personal ritual. In this facilitated learning container we will strengthen flower essence praxis through crafting personal essence remedies, learning a template of exploratory research & proving methods for your creations, practicing formulation and working with others.

Flowering Round is a course for health care practitioners, teachers and artists of all kinds who want to incorporate essences into their practice as well as anyone who simply wants to invite the magic of flower essences into their life. This course is an essence practitioner training that is rooted in working with plants of our own bioregions and ancestral lineages rather than a particular brand of flower essence line. The course honors the ebbs and flows of the body, mind and spirit as we move through the seasons of the wheel of the year.


Floral devotion
Elemental essences
Energetics of flower myths
Seasonal remedies
Methods of proving flower essences
Approaches for essence research & plant profiles
Selecting essences
The art of formulation
Finding the Crossroads: Core themes
Energetics of plant families
Protocols for working with clients
Practitioner integrity & care
Protection magic
Plant poetics, dreamwork & art making
Case studies
Group essence sharing

Students will not only be crafting, researching and proving their own essences but they will also be weaving the tapestry of collective wisdom by participating in group essence testing and inquiry. We will have both large and small group discussion, activities and rituals for working with these mystery essences as a group.

Outside of class time, participants will have homework that includes research, reading, writing, art-making, ritual crafting and dream work.

Guest teachers TBA.


We meet 2 x a month beginning in April 2023, end in January  2024. All classes are held on zoom. 

The Monday classes meet from 4-6 pm EST and the Friday classes meet from 2-5 pm EST. The dates are as follows:

Monday, April 10 & Friday, April 14

Monday, May 15 & Friday, May 19

Monday, June 12 & Friday, June 16

Monday, July 17 & Friday, July 21

No class in August
Monday, September 11 & Friday, September 15

Monday, October 16 & Friday, October 20

Monday, November 13 & Friday, November 17

Monday, December 11 & Friday, December 15

Friday, January 5 2024

Optional Plant Practice hours are hosted one Wednesday a month, from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm EST on 

April 26          July 26

    May 24           September 20

June 28          October 18

November 22

This container is open to 16 flower devotees. Due to the intimate and participatory nature of this course, students are required to be present for the class sessions. Missing one or two classes for unforeseen reasons is understandable but please consider before applying that missing three or more classes greatly affects the group integrity and dynamic. In the rare chance that Liz has to cancel a class due to illness or internet connectivity issues, class will be rescheduled.


~ 8 1/2 oz single flower essences to begin to build the foundation of your essence apothecary for selection and formulation practice throughout the course

~ 4 1/2 oz mystery flower essences

~ 1 30 minute flower essence consultation with Liz sometime during the course of the class or up to 6 months after

~ Online class hub (hosted on Discord) for checking in with each other, sharing our experiences and continuing the conversation outside of class time


It is highly recommended that you have taken Turning Toward The Flower, Liz’s 5-week class on crafting place-based flower essences. Priority will be given to students who have participated in Turning Toward The Flower. The course will be offered again in March 2023, so if you have not taken the class, you have an opportunity to complete it before class begins. If you’d like to participate in both courses, please make a note in the application and you will be provided with a $75 discount for TTTF. It is essential that students who are participating in Flowering Round are comfortable with making essences and you will be asked to describe your essence making practice and experience in the application if you have not taken TTTF.

If you have been accepted to Flowering Round and would like to reigster for TTTF, click here. 


The cost of tuition for the 9 month program is $1,800

If accepted, you are asked to submit a deposit of $400 to hold your spot.
This deposit is non-refundable.

Payment plans are offered as such:
2 payments of $700 in April and one in September
4 payments of $350 in April, June, August and October

Applications are now closed for the 2023 program.