All consultations are offered virtually at this time.  


In-Depth Herbal Intake 

Let's talk about herbs for you! A herbal consultation is a 1.5 hour appointment that dives into your past, present and future. Addressing a specific health issue or overall intentions, an herbal consultation is a way to support physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic health. Herbs can help with many issues including sleep trouble, stress, anxiety, respiratory conditions, auto-immune disease, digestive function, colds and flus, reproductive health, skin issues, cardiovascular conditions and more.

Some things we might discuss: What have been big moments in your life thus far? Past health issues? How are you feeling today? Where would you like to be a month from now? Six months from now? What is your intention? There will be many more questions in order to get a better picture of you and how the herbs might assist you.

With this compiled information and an in-depth discussion, I will prepare an herbal plan that is individually designed for you and only you. This plan may include 1, 2 or 3 different tinctures, maybe just a tea blend, or perhaps just one singular herb to support you at this time. The best form of support will be based on your needs, which we will discuss in detail! Some options may include herbal remedies, flower essences, nutritional support, lifestyle changes, personal ritual and more. You will leave with an herbal protocol and other tools for your wellness and support.

I welcome all bodies with deep compassion and respect!

$180 ~ 1.5 hour consultation

This consultation includes 1 1 oz formula in the price. Any further herbal needs will be added on additionally as well as shipping costs.

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Follow-Up Appointment

All follow-ups are for clients who have completed an initial intake appointment that is listed above. We will review the herbs you have been working with and make any necessary adjustments to the formulas. Together, we will also note what changes you have noticed or any new intentions that have come up for you. Each follow-up is 45 minutes and is $85. It is strongly recommended that you make a follow-up appointment 3 weeks after the initial consultation so we can assure that the herbs are supporting you. Cost of herbs is not included.

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