In winter, the altar of the home is the hearth. We gather here to dry herbs, brew tea and keep vigil as we drop into the darkest season. Collectively, we offer the hearth stories, songs and prayers. We fire scry, we divine. We keep warm, nourished by this place. The hearth is central, an active heart space of the home. What dreams does this darkness bring? What rituals are remembered here? What are you tending to this season?

In this series of eight classes, we will work within old European folk traditions to invoke ancient hearth-tenders and root these deep winter practices in our own lives. Class themes include: the realm of the kitchen witch & herb cookery, the cauldron, the underworld pantry, home spirits, oracular work, dreaming, winter feasting traditions, guising, folklore of the bedroom, Hestia and mask making. Home/hearthwork will be assigned such as creative writing, medicine making and relational readings. We will learn about the language of winter through reading winter-themed folktales and poems.

Please note that you do not need to have an active hearth to participate in this course- there are many ways to do this work without a physical hearth space. However, you will be encouraged to work with fire in some way each week - a simple beeswax candle works beautifully.

This class is for you if you

are learning to love the darker time of the year
are seeking stillness
are ready for deep dreaming
love folktales
want to say hello to the spirits of your home
enjoy tea
are ready to craft your own rituals for the season
are ready to feed the fire
are an oracle
want to wear winter like a cloak


Week One: Introduction to Hearthcraft. House Spirits & traditional keepers of the hearth. House blessing & fire offerings.

Week Two: The Myths of the Cauldron and The Underworld Pantry. Feeding the otherworld. Saying hello to the Corn Granny. Honey Offerings.

Week Three: The Communal Carnival, Guising Traditions, The Ritual Feasts of Winter.

Week Four: Becoming Hibernal Freak Sprits: Mask Making with Priscilla Frank

Week Five: Ancestral Dreaming with Erin Langley

Week Six: Divination of The Invisible: Oracular work and Fire Scrying

Week Seven: Folklore of the Bedroom with Aerinn Hodges

Week Eight: Herbs for the returning light. Winter reflection, hearth-honoring, closing.

Following a slower pace that this season asks of us, Tending The Hearth will meet every other week as a way to sink into the work in a deeper way. All classes will be held on zoom. Closed Captions are always available. Classes will be recorded for those who are unable to make it to the live sessions, and will be hosted online for the duration of the course. Recordings will be available to students through June 1, 2023.

A class Discord will be made available for the group for the duration of our time together to keep in touch in between sessions.

Participants have the option to purchase an add-on bundle of 3 essences to support the hearth tending season for an additional $42 (this includes shipping). These essences will ship in late-November before class begins.


Classes will be held on Sunday afternoons, from 4-6 pm EST.

December 4

December 18

January 1

January 15  

January 29

February 12

February 26

March 12

Registration is closed for Winter 2022-2023.