Tree buds burst forth, green leaves sprout open, petals protrude, each sign of new growth is the sounding of a celebratory bell in the bright air. We hear the sap song that rises in the trees, the wheel of the year spins into Spring. What are all of the ways that we honor Spring in the body and in relationship to place? This series invokes the vibrancy of the blossoming season while rooting down into the folk magic traditions of Old Europe. Some themes include: holy wells & water spirits, egg magic & oomancy, vernal kitchen traditions, chthonic forces of spring, sex magic, Beltane, hedge jumping, trees for the quickening season and more! Homework will be assigned such as creative writing, medicine making and relational readings. We will learn about the language of spring through reading vernal-themed folktales and poems.


all Tuesday classes are from 5:00-7:00 pm EST
& our Sunday class is from 3-5 pm EST

Tuesday, March 14
Tuesday, March 28
Sunday, April 2
Tuesday, April 11
Tuesday, April 25
Tuesday, May 9
Tuesday, May 23
Tuesday, June 6


Week One:
Spinning The Story of Spring, the Mythos of Marzanna.

Week Two:
Sacred Springs, Magic Waters, Mapping and Meeting Spirits of Place.

Week Three:
The Blossoming Branch: Crafting Blessing Boughs with Priscilla Frank

Week Four:
Vernal Kitchen Traditions: Magic Eggs, Honey Butters, Floral Vinegars

Week Five:
Beltane Fires & Reclaiming The Flowering Vessel of Desire With Hawthorn

Week Six:
The Chthonic Forces of Spring + Sex Magic

Week Seven:
Capturing The Effervescence of Spring: Wild Herbal Sodas with Jade Alicandro 

Week Eight:
Entering The Greenwood: Quickening Trees of Spring

*subject to change


Class cost is $420. 

Students will have access to a class Discord to continue discussion & share resources and they will have access to the class materials and recordings until the fall Equinox. 

Students are welcome to take the course at their own pace, you do not have to be present for the live sessions to be a part of the class!

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