Stories are potent medicine.

Hearing a wonder tale (also known as fairy tale) changes us, as they are old, old stories that are inherently about initiation, transformation and enchantment. Wonder tales offer timeless wisdom while celebrating change. A wonder tale simmers inside of you, offering doses of medicine as it moves within you, sometimes over a span of many years. This kind of story speaks from the landscape, reminding us that magic is infused everywhere, we can open ourselves up to the teachings of the land.

Wonder tales can also carry imprints of our kinship with plants; we can track this relationship by following the fluid map of symbols and rhythms that each story carries.

The plants have probably already told you this, but plants are also storytellers. They give voice to an earth-pattern that we sip through a cup of tea. We might hear some storied-wisdom singing from the garden. Plants embody the spirit of a place, the dew that rests on the leaf of Lady’s Mantle whispers all of the secrets of the evening’s moonlight and the young birch that grows by the stream dances a legend of the spring sap rising. The stories of the plants are offered through relationship, deep listening and remembrance.

In this series of classes, we will work with the medicines that both story and plants offer by focusing on one folktale and a corresponding plant each session. Each session will be offered over two days - one evening of listening to the tale and meeting the plant and the following day will be focused on energetics of the plant & story via trance, lecture, creative writing and other explorations.

You can sign up for all four sessions at a discounted rate or just choose one story and/or plant that feels resonant to you. Students will have the option to purchase an add on essence of the plant made by Liz for each session that will arrive in time for class. Having a tea/tincture/essence of the plant is highly encouraged for class.

This class is currently not on the calendar. If you are interested, feel free to send an email to let Liz know.